Water and Sanitation

Our Water and Sanitation thematic area focuses on addressing the pressing challenges related to water scarcity and inadequate sanitation in communities across Zambia.

Within this thematic area, ZCCN implements various initiatives aimed at promoting access to clean and safe water, as well as improving sanitation practices. This involves working closely with local communities to identify their specific water and sanitation needs, developing sustainable solutions, and implementing projects to address these challenges effectively.

ZCCN collaborates with a range of organizations and partners to maximize its impact in the Water and Sanitation thematic area. One such partner is the Environment and Public Health Trust (EAPHET), an organization dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and public health in Zambia.

Additionally, we collaborate with MIET-AFRICA, an organization focused on improving education and health outcomes for vulnerable populations across Africa. Through this partnership, ZCCN integrates water and sanitation initiatives into broader efforts aimed at improving overall well-being and resilience in communities.

Furthermore, ZCCN works closely with academic institutions such as Levy Mwanawasa Medical University to conduct research and develop evidence-based approaches to address water and sanitation challenges. By engaging with academic partners, we ensure that its interventions are informed by the latest research and best practices in the field.

In addition to working with non-governmental organizations and academic institutions, ZCCN also collaborates closely with government line ministries responsible for water and sanitation.