The ZCCN participates in the UNFCCC processes through its participation both as part of the official Zambian delegation as well as part of the global Civil Society fraternity. This directly provides space for the Network to contribute to the global debate and effort necessary to combat the effects of global warming which is resulting into climate change. Through this engagement, ZCCN contributed to the development of Zambia’s Nationally Determined Contributions that culminated in the finalization of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The Network has identified itself as a member of the Pan African Climate Justice (PACJA) which epitomizes the African coalition of climate change response affirmative actions. The Network membership to PACJA provides an important and strategic continental alliance to meet the growing challenge of climate change. At regional level the Network remains engaged with COMESA, the African Unions (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). In recent times links have been identified and forged with other climate change Networks in the region through joint actions and sharing of information and space for engagement. This commitment is envisaged to be sustained and enhanced through this strategic plan. At national level the Network contributed to the development of environment and climate related policies that include, the National Climate Change Response Strategy, the National Climate Change Policy, NAPA, REDD+ and the National Forestry Policy. The scope of the Network was extended to the awareness mandate under the Pilot Programme for Climate Change awareness (PPCR) program supported by the World Bank that was implemented by the Interim Climate Change Secretariat. 16 Following the participation in the development of the Zambia National Climate Change Policy, the Network continues to serve on the National Climate Change Technical Committee as a strategic linkage for the civil society.