The Energy thematic area of the Zambia Climate Change Network (ZCCN) focuses on addressing climate change challenges related to energy access, efficiency, and sustainability within Zambia. This area of operation recognizes the critical role that energy plays in both driving economic development and mitigating climate change impacts. By promoting sustainable energy solutions, the Energy thematic area aims to enhance resilience to climate change while fostering inclusive and sustainable development.


ZCCN works within a working group framework to leverage expertise, resources, and networks to advance its objectives in the Energy thematic area. One of the key partners in this working group is SNV, an international development organization that specializes in supporting renewable energy and sustainable development initiatives.

Another important partner within the working group is Center for Environmental Justice (CEJ), a local organization that focuses on environmental justice and community empowerment.

Within the Energy thematic area, we engage in a range of activities aimed at promoting renewable energy technologies, improving energy efficiency, and advocating for policy frameworks that support sustainable energy development. These activities include:

Promoting Renewable Energy: ZCCN works to raise awareness and promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind,  and biomass.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency: We advocate for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices across various sectors, including households, industries, and transportation. By promoting energy efficiency measures, such as energy-efficient appliances, building designs, and transportation systems, we seek to reduce energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance energy security.

Policy Advocacy: The Network engages in advocacy efforts aimed at influencing policy and regulatory frameworks to support the transition to sustainable energy systems. This includes advocating for the development of supportive policies and regulations that promote renewable energy deployment, energy efficiency improvements, and sustainable energy access for all.